Hearts Not Parts: A Hyper Real Feminist Horror Movie

Why is the song called “Hearts Not Parts”?

“The meaning of the title ‘Hearts Not Parts’ is that it is a person’s nature and intentions that are important, not their gender and that it is meaningless to judge anyone’s identity on the fact that they share one similar characteristic (their parts). It also denies the heteronormative view that people fall into distinct genders and undertake roles that are seen as complementary to those genders.”

What was the idea behind the video? 

“The idea behind the video was to create a ‘Hyper Real Feminist Horror Movie’ that is concerned with the media’s destructive stereotypes and the audience’s assumptions and judgements. The media does a brilliant job of commonly portraying women in roles where they need saving or worse are the victims. It’s also fantastic at under representing reality and over representing whatever is deemed popular at the time, in whatever light causes the most excitement and at the expense of accuracy and decency. These are the images that are shaping our society and we wanted to hit those images round the head with a spade.”